Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Happy Comeback!

Hii everyone.. Its been a really long time that i posted something on my blog as i had been keeping very busy with the so called "LIFE". This past one year had been the most awakening year of my life. I got married this year and finally took the courage to switch careers and pursue my dreams in the designing field , all thanks to my very supporting husband. There is still a long way to go and a so many milestones to be cleared but am really really happy that finally i am doing something i really wanted to do . I hope to write more from now and and spread and share more and more smiles as we all need a positivity and motivation to go on in our lives. Its very difficult to stay happy at all times let alone share it but a little effort never hurts.

So i hope i will be sharing more of my happy thoughts and the positive outlook towards life in the days to come :)

Keep Smiling and stay happy :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

And I blushed..

Entered the room with a walk so elegant..
Center of attraction in a scene so different...

An Anxious heart slight Nervous breath..
Quivering fingers with a smile so fresh...

Stealing some small glances around.. 
Searching for the heart in the crowd that surround..

Million questions buzzing in mind so loud..
The face said it all the anxiety of how it would all turn out.. 

Approaching the big moment with the steps so small..
Towards the person who will be hers forever and all..

Heartbeats increased as the rings exchanged..
Happiness filled and i blushed  again... 

( P.S. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda
This post describes a small part of the various feelings i went through the engagement day. Hope you like it :) )

Saturday, 6 July 2013

You say it best.. When you say nothing at all ~

The pure innocence of that smile...
With eyes shining so bright with delight.

The million questions flashing by...
And hands reaching to you out of sheer joy.

The laugh that escapes with excitement...
Running ahead to hold you into an embracement.

The fluttering feeling your heart experiences..
making you want to play beyond the fences.

The world where no words to say..
Your face just gives all the happiness away.

The bright so day with a child so small..
Yes, You say it best when you say nothing at all.

P.S. - This post is my first attempt to be  a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The best of all the silence is that of a child's which brings so much along with it. A small attempt at a poem. Hope you like it. Stay smiling :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The chosen path.

She was sitting in a corner juggling her mind with some math problem.
Her grandad was observing her for quite a long time when he called her up.
What are you busy concentrating on, my child?" said grandad.
"Daadu, i am completing my summer homework. i want to come first in class.
You know daadu i want to study hard and when i grow up i want to go to space",said the little girl.
Grandad smiled and was amazed on her aspirations. He patted on her head with a smile and looked on as
she completed her homework.

Years passed by and she grew up. The dreams now had changed whilst on the path of life.
The dreams that now had a different meaning to her and about which she was so passionate that she could
face anything and everything. She now knew exactly what she wanted.
She wanted to be an example. She wanted to shine on like a crazy diamond. She wanted to be
that girl in the family seeing whom people would say " Even we should educate our girls and make
them independent."  Do you think that this path was easy? Do you think that nowadays any girl can
achieve it? The answer to this is NO.

Only she knows what all troubles and struggle she had to go through. As she grew up she realized
that she should definitely opt for maths.  People said " Ah, Are  you sure you want to choose math? its not a girl thing? why don't you choose bio instead? Being a doctor is a good job for a girl." She would smile and just say " I love maths and thats it. Being a girl has got nothing to do with it. I am better at it than most of the guys of my class." Amidst all this she had her parents support all the time and that made her going even more.

She passed all her exams with amazing scores and got admission in one of the best college in India for
engineering. That day was one of the best days of her life till then but she knew that the path to
her dream has just started and she should not loose the focus now. She worked hard and always was the best performer in all the fields. Her father were very proud of her and would say to anyone they met " My daughter is an engineer. The first girl to do so in the family and also the first person after me . " This just motivated her to achieve some more.

The college years went by in a jiff and she had a campus placement in one of the best IT companies.
She was beyond happy but was also scared of the further hurdles. She knew she could handle them all
if she kept positive and the will strong. She was the first girl of the family to ever get a job.
The girls of her family were married off at an early age and she feared the same would happen to her
and she wont be able to fulfill her dream. She talked about it to her parents one day with her fingers crossed.

She said " Dad, i really want to do this job. Its very very important to me."
Dad said " You can go for further studies? Is it necessary to do the job?  why do you want it so badly?"
"Dad i want to make a change. I want everyone in our family and the others to send their daughters
to study and be independent. I can do this only if i have achieved it for real and that can happen if
you let me do this job. I promise you i won't ever let you down".

She had butterflies in her stomach when she said it and was constantly praying that he would say yes.
It was at that moment that her parents smiled and said " We are proud of you Himani. You could have
told this to us earlier. You don't ever worry about what people say. Its people's job to underestimate
a person. We trust you completely. Go embrace your dreams and don't look back. Be an aspiration."
She screamed and hugged them "Thank you!! Thank youuuu!! I love you guys so much ".

Indeed after that day there was no looking back. She still remembers one call she got from one of her aunt
"Himani, we are really proud of you. You are an inspiration. I will definitely send my daughter for the higher studies and let her achieve what she wants and make us proud like you did." It was that day that she finally felt she had achieved what she wanted because that aunt was the same person who was very very against her doing the job and being independent.

She looked up towards the sky smiled and said " Thank you grandad, I know you are looking up on me."

P.S. - Finally a blogpost after long. Came across a contest "Women of substance" on blog adda and wanted to write for it. So hope you all like it . Keep smiling reader because your smile is really important :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spread A smile - 4 (Get Screwed and Reclaim Your Life )

"Get screwed. Yes, it’s good to be the screwed one. Enough of satisfying people, compromising oneself, forgetting about oneself, sacrificing oneself for the sake of others and waiting endlessly for that deserved appreciation.
You may be doing fine, but deep down you know you terribly miss something. Go ahead and appreciate yourself. If you don’t, then no one else will do. Love your body, love your ways and means, love your style, love your smile and love every bit of Being You. Forget the heaviness in your mind for a while and allow it roam freely wherever it wants to, for that is what the mind intends to do.
You  have carried the unecessary things far too long. Let go of them. Something important eagerly awaits you and is craving for your attention. Reclaim that before  it's too late. There is nothing more important than being you.
If no one appreciates you, to hell with them. Just go and stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself with a smile, “You did a great job; you are a great person and a tough one too, with whom even God also doesn’t want to mess with.

Let God give you pain, you give him love. The best gift one can give to oneself is to love unconditionally. Smile can make even the heaviest of Hearts to Melt, so never stop smiling at yourself. Getting screwed is the best way to reclaim oneself because, “People who get screwed are the ones who know how to lead a Life.”

Keep Smiling,

Friday, 12 October 2012

No more tears.

She was sitting by the window looking out towards the sky.
She was the most beautiful woman that day. It was her day. Her special day. But she had tears in her beautiful eyes. She was missing the most special person for her at that moment..
Her mother. All the beautiful and painful memories were flashing back in front of her eyes. Of how she was always showered by her mother's love.A love which is the best among all of its form..
She missed that care. The late night beautiful stories she was told by her mother.
The taste of the lunch box that was packed by her. That warm hug that could be compared to none.
That caressing of head late at night while she slept off lost into dreams.
Those birthday party her mother arranged for her each year.
She missed every special moment she shared with her mom.

She wondered why had god been so cruel to her a few years back.
When he gave her the suffering of cancer and took her other away from her.
She was there for her mother when she needed her support the most.
She forgot that she was a child and instead  had to be a responsible sister and a mother for her little sister.
Her mother her sole strength had passed away but she didn't give up being strong. She remembered those sad and worse days of her life when she had no one but she had to be there for her close ones. She always  hoped that maybe one day its all gonna be worth it.

She had seen her father getting married again. It was hard to accept but she knew even
he needed someone so she never complained instead she tried explaining this to her sister who was angry. She was always loved by all but mother's love was what she missed the most. Her sister was her soul now. For her she faced the world bravely. People were there to give sympathy but she didn't need that. All she needed was some love and care maybe and not just words. She wished her mother would be happy where she was now today looking upon her.

Today she was crying and they were tears not of sadness but they were happy tears.
Because today she was getting married to the love of her life.
And also because today even her sister was getting married to her love. Her life felt complete
after a long time. She knew it was all happening because somewhere above her mother was blessing them.

Amidst these thoughts she heard a voice calling "Hey di..Wow you are looking so beautiful.."
It was her sister. She said "Di no more tears for us now. Come here." And she wiped her eyes and hugged.Now she knew it was all worth it. Happiness does knocks the door.

She smiled and looked up and said "Thank you mom. Love you."

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Spread A Smile -3 (Fallen Leaves)

As I walk past,

Those dried leaves were lying all over the place

They were trying to convey something

Some are dead and others were dying

As I hold them to talk to,

they smiled at me even at the time of their death

I didn't know what to make of it

I smiled at them and moved on

Then I wondered,

if they can smile even at the time of their death,

why can't we when we have so much to live for.

Keep Smiling,