Friday, 12 October 2012

No more tears.

She was sitting by the window looking out towards the sky.
She was the most beautiful woman that day. It was her day. Her special day. But she had tears in her beautiful eyes. She was missing the most special person for her at that moment..
Her mother. All the beautiful and painful memories were flashing back in front of her eyes. Of how she was always showered by her mother's love.A love which is the best among all of its form..
She missed that care. The late night beautiful stories she was told by her mother.
The taste of the lunch box that was packed by her. That warm hug that could be compared to none.
That caressing of head late at night while she slept off lost into dreams.
Those birthday party her mother arranged for her each year.
She missed every special moment she shared with her mom.

She wondered why had god been so cruel to her a few years back.
When he gave her the suffering of cancer and took her other away from her.
She was there for her mother when she needed her support the most.
She forgot that she was a child and instead  had to be a responsible sister and a mother for her little sister.
Her mother her sole strength had passed away but she didn't give up being strong. She remembered those sad and worse days of her life when she had no one but she had to be there for her close ones. She always  hoped that maybe one day its all gonna be worth it.

She had seen her father getting married again. It was hard to accept but she knew even
he needed someone so she never complained instead she tried explaining this to her sister who was angry. She was always loved by all but mother's love was what she missed the most. Her sister was her soul now. For her she faced the world bravely. People were there to give sympathy but she didn't need that. All she needed was some love and care maybe and not just words. She wished her mother would be happy where she was now today looking upon her.

Today she was crying and they were tears not of sadness but they were happy tears.
Because today she was getting married to the love of her life.
And also because today even her sister was getting married to her love. Her life felt complete
after a long time. She knew it was all happening because somewhere above her mother was blessing them.

Amidst these thoughts she heard a voice calling "Hey di..Wow you are looking so beautiful.."
It was her sister. She said "Di no more tears for us now. Come here." And she wiped her eyes and hugged.Now she knew it was all worth it. Happiness does knocks the door.

She smiled and looked up and said "Thank you mom. Love you."


  1. Nostalgic. Mothers are always special and even special is not enough to describe them. Here at the end a tear came up to my eye not because the story had a nice end but somewhere i know my bond with my mother, how and what she means to me and how much every mother is to their children.

    You have started writing heart shares and i have noticed most of the people who write from their heart can sit and make people over the world cry in a jiff by their words because when they write even they are crying. I am pretty sure when you might be writing this you would definitely be having some in your eyes. I need no confirmations but just sharing what happens.

    For now this is a good post and i hope to always come back to your blog because i know this is a place which i can never leave without a smile on my face and a contended heart.

    God Bless You! Ashu

    1. Yes tears were in my eyes.. Because no matter what mother is the most special person in my life.. And even the thought scares me.. but there are many out there who need this so attempted a small bit.

      and i so appreciate your kind words Ashwin. Thank you. Keep smiling :)

  2. I am very sure that this would be a true story of many girls. Some would share it and some don't. You have given a voice for those girls who couldn't share their feelings with anyone. I guess, God would be thanking you for giving a voice. Loved the ending, even if there are tears, you can see beauty in it...:) Stay Smiling...:)