Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spread A smile - 4 (Get Screwed and Reclaim Your Life )

"Get screwed. Yes, it’s good to be the screwed one. Enough of satisfying people, compromising oneself, forgetting about oneself, sacrificing oneself for the sake of others and waiting endlessly for that deserved appreciation.
You may be doing fine, but deep down you know you terribly miss something. Go ahead and appreciate yourself. If you don’t, then no one else will do. Love your body, love your ways and means, love your style, love your smile and love every bit of Being You. Forget the heaviness in your mind for a while and allow it roam freely wherever it wants to, for that is what the mind intends to do.
You  have carried the unecessary things far too long. Let go of them. Something important eagerly awaits you and is craving for your attention. Reclaim that before  it's too late. There is nothing more important than being you.
If no one appreciates you, to hell with them. Just go and stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself with a smile, “You did a great job; you are a great person and a tough one too, with whom even God also doesn’t want to mess with.

Let God give you pain, you give him love. The best gift one can give to oneself is to love unconditionally. Smile can make even the heaviest of Hearts to Melt, so never stop smiling at yourself. Getting screwed is the best way to reclaim oneself because, “People who get screwed are the ones who know how to lead a Life.”

Keep Smiling,

Friday, 12 October 2012

No more tears.

She was sitting by the window looking out towards the sky.
She was the most beautiful woman that day. It was her day. Her special day. But she had tears in her beautiful eyes. She was missing the most special person for her at that moment..
Her mother. All the beautiful and painful memories were flashing back in front of her eyes. Of how she was always showered by her mother's love.A love which is the best among all of its form..
She missed that care. The late night beautiful stories she was told by her mother.
The taste of the lunch box that was packed by her. That warm hug that could be compared to none.
That caressing of head late at night while she slept off lost into dreams.
Those birthday party her mother arranged for her each year.
She missed every special moment she shared with her mom.

She wondered why had god been so cruel to her a few years back.
When he gave her the suffering of cancer and took her other away from her.
She was there for her mother when she needed her support the most.
She forgot that she was a child and instead  had to be a responsible sister and a mother for her little sister.
Her mother her sole strength had passed away but she didn't give up being strong. She remembered those sad and worse days of her life when she had no one but she had to be there for her close ones. She always  hoped that maybe one day its all gonna be worth it.

She had seen her father getting married again. It was hard to accept but she knew even
he needed someone so she never complained instead she tried explaining this to her sister who was angry. She was always loved by all but mother's love was what she missed the most. Her sister was her soul now. For her she faced the world bravely. People were there to give sympathy but she didn't need that. All she needed was some love and care maybe and not just words. She wished her mother would be happy where she was now today looking upon her.

Today she was crying and they were tears not of sadness but they were happy tears.
Because today she was getting married to the love of her life.
And also because today even her sister was getting married to her love. Her life felt complete
after a long time. She knew it was all happening because somewhere above her mother was blessing them.

Amidst these thoughts she heard a voice calling "Hey di..Wow you are looking so beautiful.."
It was her sister. She said "Di no more tears for us now. Come here." And she wiped her eyes and hugged.Now she knew it was all worth it. Happiness does knocks the door.

She smiled and looked up and said "Thank you mom. Love you."

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Spread A Smile -3 (Fallen Leaves)

As I walk past,

Those dried leaves were lying all over the place

They were trying to convey something

Some are dead and others were dying

As I hold them to talk to,

they smiled at me even at the time of their death

I didn't know what to make of it

I smiled at them and moved on

Then I wondered,

if they can smile even at the time of their death,

why can't we when we have so much to live for.

Keep Smiling,

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spread A Smile -2 (Smile Your Way To Life...:):) )

I know only one way to live and that is to live positively. I have no time for negative thoughts or feelings. I love to make people smile in whatever way I can and would feel honored if I can contribute in spreading the smile. I would like to thank my blogger friend, Himani for giving me this opportunity to write about Smile, which I loved it. This post would not be possible if not for the blog post written by her ( I really loved her blog because it speaks of being positive and spreading the smile so that the world can be a better place to live. This is my first guest post and have just shared my random thoughts about Smile, hope you like it. Do check out her Smile blog (, it's simple and to the point...:)

Smile, there is something special about it. Smile shows your attitude. If there is anything that catches a person's attention, it would be his or her Smile. Of all the living things on this earth only we humans can smile, isn't that amazing. It's a beautiful gift given by god. We should be thankful to him...:)

Sometimes we need a reason to smile and sometimes we don't. But if you go in search of a reason to smile then you will never find one because it is not meant to be so. Smile can make even the heaviest of hearts to melt. Smile is raw and a true smile never fakes. Just imagine a world without smile, its impossible. Even if you don't make someone else smile, its ok, but do smile for yourself...:)

Love your smile, its worth it. Smile can withstand the pain, remove the hatred and can make your life beautiful. Life is not beautiful without smile. It can create happiness, change your perception about life and helps you to deal with situations in a better manner. It's one of the priceless things on earth that is available for free, so do make the best use of it...:)

Never look for a reason to smile. Beauty is incomplete without a smile. If you can smile at your own stupidity, at your own foolishness then none can hurt you. A cute smile can mend a broken soul. If smile was a person, this would be the thoughts which it would have communicated with us:

I am here to help you
When you feel sad or lonely,
Just embrace me
When your soul needs me,
I am just an expression away
Just call me when you need
I can understand your silence,
The silence that fills you,
When none to hear you
I live within you always,
You just need to call me
I Live with you and Die with you,

I don't know what Darkness is,

Because I am born to bring light into everyones' Life.
"The best moment is when a Smiling Heart reaches a Lonely Soul and sets it free for not feel lonely again."
PS: Image Source: Google Images


Spread A smile - 2 ( Determination)

Life is not short of problems. Let's start with this on a note that we all know and have experienced it very well that we all have to face certain situations which may or may not be favorable but we have to go through them and they impact our Life like anything in the long run. One of them is relationships. Now talking about relationship i want you to take it as a broader perspective. It's not just about that one special person but i am talking about any relationship which makes you happy. Like with your parents, your friends, your cousins, your siblings, your stranger friends in the trains, your colleagues and many more. The point i want to convey is that any relationship's life is decided by the faith and dedication to keep it alive. The end of the relationship doesn't always depend on both or individual but sometimes it happens haywire. The thing is according to my personal experience i want to share that when the point of giving up comes, literally if bearing all the mess, the pain, the saturation if we just hold on for a bit of time how things can change and for good is just magical. I have recently experienced this and on that basis i am sharing this so that whoever reads this and feels that any special relation of your Life you are may be about to lose or has lost its normal charm you have to realize that might be the other person would not be responding to you now but in the long run they were with you and will be only if you decide to make them realize that you, they and your relationship matter a lot. So today decide and be firm that rather than focusing on giving up and moving on to newer relationships, we will give one more try to the beautiful ones which need us more at this time. But yes with a smile and peace.




Spread A Smile - 2 ( Small Joys)

He was out for a NGO work, wherein he was supposed to sell kid toys to the more affluent class of section and in turn the NGO would get the returns to work for the betterment of lesser fortunate souls. Marine Drive, he chose. On his marketing campaign, he came across a kid named, ‘Bunty’ (learnt his name later), who would sell beautiful roses to couples and earn his living. When he was demonstrating some of the toys to folks around, Bunty stood there busy playing with the house-maker toy kept for display. He twisted and untwisted and twisted it again to form his dream house out of the toy. Te guy watching could not help but ask Bunty about his whereabouts. Knowing what, he happily gifted Bunty with the toy. Needless to say, the kid was elated and super excited to receive something he liked, something he could not afford so recklessly. Bunty didn’t know what to say or act, he just offered him a ROSE. What a gesture! He was awestruck and happily accepted it. Both smiled and left, bidding adieu.

Small joys!  What goes around comes back around, for sure.  Spread smile and you shall never be disappointed. For this life is too short for hatred. 

- Shailesh Thorat

Thursday, 27 September 2012


He was Special. A unique kid but avoided by many. The reason being he was not so bright like them all.
He didn't have a mind developed like them all.
He had feelings and very strong ones at that but most of the time being ignored they built up into a rage.
Mom loved him and told him that he was just so special.

One day he asked his mom " Mom, Why does bhaiya has so many friends and i have none? Why does teachers always praise bhaiya but never me. Everybody has problems with me".
He cried and raised a fit. Mom hugged him and said " I am there na beta, Why would you need someone else? Come on lets complete your homework." But he knew mom was avoiding the question as always. He cried all night that day. Why don't people understand him he asked God , Just why? Am i not a human? His questions even God didn't have answers to. Cried himself to sleep like many other nights.
His loneliness was something only he could feel and it killed him inside.

His brother was a very bright student. Extraordinarily intelligent. Just this year his brother had been selected for the most  prestigious college of the country. Parents had hosted a huge celebration party.
Everyone cheered for him but they all had only one question how will younger brother make his life? He had been struggling in class 9th from 3 years in a row.The principal won't promote him because his grades were very low and he just din't have any chances of passing in the board exams.

But there was one person who had hope in him. One person who believed that yes he could do anything
and achieve it all like any other normal child. His mom.
She tried hard and struggled each day that his son won't feel ignored. She went ahead and tried to make other children his friends. Parents invited everyone for his birthday party each year so that he gets the happiness he deserves.She knew that his elder brother always tried to ignore him because
of the awkward questions and glares he faced everywhere because of him.
She tried to make him understand that his brother was special and instead of ignoring
he should be his strong support. But somehow there was always this gap between them.

And slowly time passed by. Mom tried her best always to work on his grades.Giving him hope and praising him constantly. And then finally this year he was promoted to 10th for boards and today was the day his results were being going to be declared. Since morning she had been praying for his son's success. The nervousness could also be felt on father's face. He took a leave from office that day. He had always wanted and worked for the best for his sons.And today he was there to support his son for no matter what.

The phone rang. Mom picked up eagerly and with sweaty shaking hands .
From the other side it was the principal of the school saying " Congratulations your son has done it. He has
passed the 10th board exams." There was a long sigh of relief and tears of joy flowed by.
Finally her hard work and patience had paid off.
Father went ahead and hugged him and said see son we are so proud of you today. Finally you have made everyone realize that nothing is impossible in this world. His parents hosted a huge party for the celebration of his success.
The party was on and just then The door bell rang and there was his brother with a box of his favorite
chocolates for him " Congratulations bhai, and i am so sorry." They hugged and cried.

A smile spread on the family's faces. Everyone came congratulating him.
Finally his prayers had paid off and he was feeling so accepted. Finally he felt as if God has answered his every question.

(P.S. A story attempted by me to say that no matter how hard or worse the situation is.. No matter how lonely you are You can always do it. Be positive and have hope. If he can do it then Yes You can too. Keep smiling Readers .. Best wishes to you :) )

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A letter down the lane.

Dear bestie ,

How are you?! 

Read along and i will take you to the beautiful memories where we once belonged.

Remember the time we cycled all evening around..
Going around the park round and round?!

Remember the chit chat we did sitting and calling all day long..
Till moms used to say din't you just meet her an hour begone ?!

Remember the dance you taught..
And trying your best even when you knew i just cannot?!

Remember Your love for SRK..
When i just used to joke why and you went all He is mine Okay.. ?!

Remember the time you taught me to feel love and see its wonder by observing some more..
While i used to say don't lag behind on your studies anymore?!

Remember those crushes we discussed..
Now to think of it how silly we were?!

Remember those birthday parties..
Sharing the maximum chocolates and cake only between us?!

Remember all the books i read..
While you were busy dancing to song each step?!

Remember the friendship day bands we shared..
Going home happy saying this my bestie had tied?!

Remember the time we grew up..
I left town with tears in the eyes?!

Remember the advices you took..
And i was there because i knew when i need even you would?!

Remember the time we met again in years..
So happy we were that we hugged and shed some tears?!

Remember the time my eyes were full of tears..
You tried your best that smile should be only what they should wear?!

And do you know how much  i miss you bestie?!
Don't say because i just know you miss me too ..
I wish for your happiness each day..
Because your Smile is precious to me as it just makes my day :)

Distance seperates us..
No message..
No calls for weeks along..
Wall we were..
And rock we are..
we know we still care..
When we need someone the other will always be there..
Thats why i say my Bestie is best that can be there.. <3 :')

You know you are the BEST best friend that there could be and Smile because together we own the world..
Lots of love i send along your way.. :)

Yours lovingly
Himani :)

(P.S. As you know i dedicate this to my bestie.. A childhood friend of mine..  :) Best wishes to you reader.. Stay smiling :) )

Monday, 24 September 2012

A summer vacation.

Sitting in the open area..
Eyes all wide with wonder ..
She had so many new thoughts to ponder..
Her grandfather was narrating to her..
His experience of life with stories such wonder...
A lesson he taught in each..
So that she grows up with humanity at ease..

Grandmother was singing along in the kitchen..
Making her the favorite dish she had just mentioned..
The  sun  was getting ready to go..
A beautiful sky all reddish and yellow..
Peace was what spread in the air..
Mother was busy doing her daily prayer..

Cousins were busy playing around..
Running and catching the others around the merry go round..
Aunt was making mango juice for them..
Love was what all had in them..
The door opened and everybody looked upon..
Dad and uncle had brought toffees with them to chew on..
She got up and went running to them..
Leaving the story half between..

Grandfather smiled looking at all the anxiety..
His house was filled with so much of love and happiness..
Praying to god to always keep them blessed..
It was a summer holiday she could never forget..

Grown up she was now..
Lost in memories she was now..
A tear rolled down..
She missed her grandparents from heart deep down..
Gone they were.. But beautiful lesson taught they had ..
She smiled at the memories..
She knew from somewhere unknown..
They were looking upon her.. :)

(P.S. I dedicate this poem to my grandparents who were my strength and whom i miss my each moment of life.. best wishes for you reader.. Stay smiling :) )

Nobody knows - A guest post.

Nobody knows its empty
This smile that I wear,
The real one is left in the past
Because you left me there.
Nobody knows I'm crying
They won't even see my tears,
When they think that I'm laughing
I'm still wishing you were here.
Nobody knows its painful
They think that I'm strong,
They say that this won't kill me
But I wonder if they were wrong.
Nobody knows I'm praying
That you will change my mind,
They think that I had let you go
When you left me behind.
Nobody knows I miss you
They think I feel set free,
But I feel like I am bound with chains
Trapped in the mystery.
Nobody knows I need you
They say I can do it on my own,
But they don't know I'm crying
When I am all alone.
Dikshita Choudhary

(P.S. This is a guest post by Dikshita on her special request. Best wishes.. Stay Smiling :) )

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spread A Smile -1 ( I love You )

I love you for giving your heart to me and trusting me for your pride.
I love you for wanting me and needing me by your side.

I love you for the emotions, I never knew I had.
I love you for making me smile whenever I feel sad.

I love you for your thoughts of me where I'm always on your mind.
I love you for finding that part of me that I never thought I would find.

I love you for the way you are and for how you make me feel.
But most of all I love you because I know you are mine for real.

- Dikshita Choudhary

(P.S. This beautiful .. full of love post is by Dikshita. And i love her for contributing the guest post for my Blog :) Best wishes for you reader.. Stay Smiling :) )

Spread A smlie - 1 ( Fast relief)

Positive smiles she spreads, love more,
Has an approach of making the world close,
Readers she says to all,
But considers everyone a human though..

It's not that she has not gone through much sadness,
She choose to remain and spread happiness,
A part of it we all are indeed,
To write a bit and feel some more glee..

Today she, tomorrow we all might do the same,
Realize it today, before it becomes late,
Take your stand like she did,
and make the world, the universe, the earth a better place..


(P.S. I would really like to thank Ashwin for such a wonderful composition.. Stay blessed.. Best wishes for you all.. Stay Smiling :) )

Spread A Smile - 1

It's been quite some time since I have written anything. The words won't come out. And just yesterday morning I was sitting thinking that I should write something. Just then Himani approached me with her idea of a guest post in her blog.

Then I thought why not? And also she's a sweet friend so I could not say no to her. I have never ever come across such a girl with so much positivity. Hats off to her. And she believes in spreading smiles all around. So let's talk something over smile, happiness etc.

I used to admire those people who could stay calm despite a hell lot of pain. But eventually they were not happy beings. They used to show they were happy from the outside. But from the inside they were still grieving. But those who cry for a while aren't bad either. Because once the tears have fallen, you get to see a real fighter the moment they start to smile again. Because life is pretty much unpredictable. We don't know what's in there for us. Time and things do not really last too. What matters the most is the people we love and care about.

You know who are the happiest people? These are the people who don't have everything they want. They just make the most of what they already have. Misery starts when we look at the 20% missing and overlooking the 80% blessings & happiness in our life.  See, we all have our share of happiness and blessings. And we will get those no matter what. God will give them to us no matter what.  But some get those fast and some have to wait longer to get those. And then we tend to believe that we won't be getting those. But god knows what's best for us and will give us when the time comes. We should have faith.

Life sometime gets unfair with us. We should learn to be mature and not make things more worse.  There are certain things we cannot change and we should just accept them gracefully.

Love is like life too. It isn't a bed of roses all the time. So my point is if we don't chose to stop living, then why stop loving? Live and love. Love grows exponentially. Without cause. Without an end. It is a never stopping chain reaction where the particles create worlds and world create universes.

And more importantly Smile. Because if you aren't smiling, how can you make others smile?

The way to smile may be long or a short one, the difference lies in your perception. 

The Dreamer :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Spread a Smile :)

Lately i have been wondering on various ways of how to come up with positive posts.. Stories.. Poems..
That was when this idea came up in my mind.. Why not ask for some help from others to Spread a Smile.
I hope people will be interested to share there happiness. Give someone a reason to smile :)

So i am starting with ---> Spread a Smile. I welcome people to write a guest post for this blog.
It should be about something that gave you happiness or Smile. Maybe a story or a poem or just some of your views that can make someone Smile.. inspire someone.. Give a new light to someones thought.. :)

Will you be generous enough to contribute? Give a try at writing. If i can do it for sure You can too :)

Send your twitter handle / name / blog link(if any).
You can stay anonymous if you want to. Just pass on a Smile to others :)
There is no limit to word or para's .
 It should be a positive post.
Send along the post title.
You can publish on your blog.
 Send your post at

Do contribute :)

Best wishes for you my reader. Stay Smiling :)

A picture perfect moment.

Walking around the terrace..
With some songs playing along..
She could hear a flight passing by..
Somewhere far above the sky..
The weather was beautiful..
Some clouds she could see above..
A soft soothing breeze blowing by..

Suddenly the lights went off..
Engulfed in darkness ..
She could see nothing around..
As the eyes got accustomed to the darkness..
Instead of dark nothingness..
She noticed the world in the whole new light..
The moon half hidden..
Was shining brightly  up above..
The surrounding was lit up in a beautiful light..

And when a bat passed by..
She got scared and backed up a little..
That was when she noticed..
Something glow beautifully..
Glowing yellowish green..
It was a beautiful Fire fly..
She looked here and there..
And noticed a dozens of them glowing every where..
That was when she started listening ..
To the beauties of silent night..
Insects making different voices..
Trees forming different shapes..
Water flowing from the tap somewhere..
A girl singing somewhere far away..
People walking on the road talking away..

This was a beautiful world indeed..
Blessed she was to experience it..
Feeling the nature around..
She stood by the terrace..
Her pet came and sat by..
The moon light shown on her face..
A beautiful smile passed by..

It was a picture perfect moment ~

 (P.S. Observe the nature around you reader.. Its way too beautiful.. Best wishes to you.. Stay Smiling :) )

Friday, 21 September 2012

That embrace.

She was standing by the door..
Holding a cup of hot coffee getting cold..

Looking at the rain falling down hard..
Lost in thoughts too wayward..

Rains brought along a series of dreams..
Dreams that was forming in a string of beautiful streams..

Each falling rain drop made her think of love..
Love of which she had always dreamed of..

Love which still had to knock on her door..
Love which still had to take her to the beautiful world so far..

Will she feel it soon or will it take forever and long?!
Will it be perfect or will it just all go Wrong?!

Will it be just a small time feeling or will it be a bond so strong?!
Will it be a happy ending or will it bring tears along?!

Will it be like a fairytale story or will the reality make it into even more a beautiful song?!
Who will be the one to whom she would forever and ever belong?!

A thousand questions she had in mind..
A thousand feelings she still had to find..

She just knew she had to wait for the perfect one..
Till then she had her dreams to dream upon..

Woken up by the thunder's voice..
She went ahead to feel the rain on her Eyes..

Her face glowed with the Smile that showed for that second..
She Embraced the rain for that moment..

(P.S. : An attempt at a poem . The feeling is the one that i am going through so just made it into a poem :) Best wishes to you reader.. Stay Smiling :) )

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Are You Human Enough?!

Humanity. What does this word mean to you?

To some it is helping out the poor and needy.
To some it is giving shelter to some strayed animal.
To some it is adopting the orphans.
To some it is giving donations.
To some its just a word with no meaning because they are too selfish enough.
To some its just a means of showoff to tell the world how rich they are.
To some it doesn't exist anymore in this new world.
To some it is what they spend there entire life on.
To some its just a way of making someone happy.
To some its a way of restoring someones belief.

So everybody has their own version of Humanity.

Here is my version :

Humanity to me starts at home.Yes. And i will give all my credit to my
mumma for teaching me its basic meaning right from when i was a kid.
My mom always says " Thodi insaniyat hamesha rakhna chahe samne apke jo bhi insan ho."
This is what had stuck in my mind since always. And the lesson started when even having so many housemaids at home from the time i was a small kid i was never allowed to give
my plate after eating or a small glass of milk after having it. I had to return it
for washing to basin myself. If i threw any tantrums ki mumma chalta hai then she used to
say " Wo bhi insan hai.. pure din kam karte hai.. If you will do some then thodi
help hi hoegi unko." and i still thank her for it.

Yes she used to tell me if someone is sick help all you can for example
suppose i am sick someday and with all the work pending at home how about just
handing a glass of water or applying a balm when i have headache. Yes that is humanity.

When your dad comes home how about running to take his office bag and serving him tea
or a glass of water. Yes that is humanity.

When you younger sibling is having some trouble
in studies how about sitting by his/her side and helping them out. Yes that is humanity.

Filling up your pets bowl with Water timely. Yes thats humanity.

Humanity outside home is when you can help in solving out your friends problem. If you don't have a solution how about just sitting by and listening to their problem. Yes thats humanity.

When as a small child you used get the best flowers
from the garden for your teacher to see her smile. Yes thats humanity.

When someone you love  isn't a part of your life anymore but still you do wish the best for them. Yes thats Humanity.

When you say sorry and a simple thank you even if you are not at mistake or may be you are. Yes thats Humanity.

When you don't throw empty Wafers or chocolate wrapper outside the car on the road. Yes thats Humanity.

When You don't judge them till you know them Personally enough. Yes thats Humanity for me.

So you see Humanity for me is some simple and basic steps.When you can do this then obviously the bigger aspect is more clear and easy for you. Being Human is real simple if you try even the smaller steps.

Making someone SMILE be it just you , an unknown reader or maybe someone known. Yes thats Humanity.

(So Are YOU human enough?? :) Best wishes for you my reader. Always Keep Smiling :) )