Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A letter down the lane.

Dear bestie ,

How are you?! 

Read along and i will take you to the beautiful memories where we once belonged.

Remember the time we cycled all evening around..
Going around the park round and round?!

Remember the chit chat we did sitting and calling all day long..
Till moms used to say din't you just meet her an hour begone ?!

Remember the dance you taught..
And trying your best even when you knew i just cannot?!

Remember Your love for SRK..
When i just used to joke why and you went all He is mine Okay.. ?!

Remember the time you taught me to feel love and see its wonder by observing some more..
While i used to say don't lag behind on your studies anymore?!

Remember those crushes we discussed..
Now to think of it how silly we were?!

Remember those birthday parties..
Sharing the maximum chocolates and cake only between us?!

Remember all the books i read..
While you were busy dancing to song each step?!

Remember the friendship day bands we shared..
Going home happy saying this my bestie had tied?!

Remember the time we grew up..
I left town with tears in the eyes?!

Remember the advices you took..
And i was there because i knew when i need even you would?!

Remember the time we met again in years..
So happy we were that we hugged and shed some tears?!

Remember the time my eyes were full of tears..
You tried your best that smile should be only what they should wear?!

And do you know how much  i miss you bestie?!
Don't say because i just know you miss me too ..
I wish for your happiness each day..
Because your Smile is precious to me as it just makes my day :)

Distance seperates us..
No message..
No calls for weeks along..
Wall we were..
And rock we are..
we know we still care..
When we need someone the other will always be there..
Thats why i say my Bestie is best that can be there.. <3 :')

You know you are the BEST best friend that there could be and Smile because together we own the world..
Lots of love i send along your way.. :)

Yours lovingly
Himani :)

(P.S. As you know i dedicate this to my bestie.. A childhood friend of mine..  :) Best wishes to you reader.. Stay smiling :) )


  1. ah, your bestie must have been on a nostalgic mode for sure. This is pretty much a picture of a school life or junior college kind. Made me remember mine. :)

    1. :) yes right from childhood till now :) thank you :) stay smiling :)

  2. Very nice :) God Bless you both.

  3. Thanks dishank :) You too stay smiling :)

  4. Reading this, brought back some memories. I like the simplicity and honesty in the post. That's a nice dedication to your Best friend, hope your friendship stays forever, God bless you both..:) I am a big fan of Smile and nice to see a Smile blog (if I can call it one)...Cheers..:)

    1. Thank you so much Prashanth :) I am a big fan of spreading Smiles myself so just an attempt toward it this blog is all about :) stay smiling :)

  5. Replies
    1. Its the best place to be in .. How we can only wish to be back to them :) Tnak you for the read.. Stay smiling :)

  6. You totally made me remember those awesome moments i spent with my bestie...you made me miss her more than i do already! Great work sweety keep writing

    1. Moments with bestie are always awesome :D Thank you .. Stay smiling aparajita :)