Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spread A Smile - 1

It's been quite some time since I have written anything. The words won't come out. And just yesterday morning I was sitting thinking that I should write something. Just then Himani approached me with her idea of a guest post in her blog.

Then I thought why not? And also she's a sweet friend so I could not say no to her. I have never ever come across such a girl with so much positivity. Hats off to her. And she believes in spreading smiles all around. So let's talk something over smile, happiness etc.

I used to admire those people who could stay calm despite a hell lot of pain. But eventually they were not happy beings. They used to show they were happy from the outside. But from the inside they were still grieving. But those who cry for a while aren't bad either. Because once the tears have fallen, you get to see a real fighter the moment they start to smile again. Because life is pretty much unpredictable. We don't know what's in there for us. Time and things do not really last too. What matters the most is the people we love and care about.

You know who are the happiest people? These are the people who don't have everything they want. They just make the most of what they already have. Misery starts when we look at the 20% missing and overlooking the 80% blessings & happiness in our life.  See, we all have our share of happiness and blessings. And we will get those no matter what. God will give them to us no matter what.  But some get those fast and some have to wait longer to get those. And then we tend to believe that we won't be getting those. But god knows what's best for us and will give us when the time comes. We should have faith.

Life sometime gets unfair with us. We should learn to be mature and not make things more worse.  There are certain things we cannot change and we should just accept them gracefully.

Love is like life too. It isn't a bed of roses all the time. So my point is if we don't chose to stop living, then why stop loving? Live and love. Love grows exponentially. Without cause. Without an end. It is a never stopping chain reaction where the particles create worlds and world create universes.

And more importantly Smile. Because if you aren't smiling, how can you make others smile?

The way to smile may be long or a short one, the difference lies in your perception. 

The Dreamer :)


  1. You put it into words way so good.. loved it...

    Keep writing!


  2. And i thank The dreamer for such a lovely post to help me spread a Smile :)

  3. well, in this materialistic world, when everybody is simply running blindly to achieve their goal, they seldom have time to smile or make someone smile with their act....and i wish that more n more people start thinking like you so that the world become a better place....:)