Saturday, 22 September 2012

Spread a Smile :)

Lately i have been wondering on various ways of how to come up with positive posts.. Stories.. Poems..
That was when this idea came up in my mind.. Why not ask for some help from others to Spread a Smile.
I hope people will be interested to share there happiness. Give someone a reason to smile :)

So i am starting with ---> Spread a Smile. I welcome people to write a guest post for this blog.
It should be about something that gave you happiness or Smile. Maybe a story or a poem or just some of your views that can make someone Smile.. inspire someone.. Give a new light to someones thought.. :)

Will you be generous enough to contribute? Give a try at writing. If i can do it for sure You can too :)

Send your twitter handle / name / blog link(if any).
You can stay anonymous if you want to. Just pass on a Smile to others :)
There is no limit to word or para's .
 It should be a positive post.
Send along the post title.
You can publish on your blog.
 Send your post at

Do contribute :)

Best wishes for you my reader. Stay Smiling :)


  1. Great initiative, Himani!

    We need more like this in today's world. Would love to contribute to your site in anyway you need.

    Also check out . That site will be helpful in you coming up with more stuff for here...

    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks a lot vishal.. even a small contribution will be a great help :)and i will for sure check out the site :)

  2. Ah, this is a great initiative Himani. Looking forward to it. :) Cheers !

    1. Thanx .. Looking forward to you contribution :) stay smiling :)

  3. Great initiative indeed, I'm not good at writing.
    Actually I don't write.
    But if anything will spark in my mind, I'll surely contribute.

    1. Thanx .. You can give it a try for sure :) Looking forward to you contribution :) stay smiling :)

  4. Thanx kaushal .. Looking forward to you contribution :) stay smiling :)

  5. Well as soon as I saw this blog on that day, I wanted to comment on it, but thought why not send you my guest post and then comment on this blog...:) Thanks to your blog, I could convey my thoughts...As you say always, Stay Smiling...:)

    1. Really appreciated :) Thank you prashanth. Keep smiling and spreading them :)