Sunday, 16 September 2012

Are You Human Enough?!

Humanity. What does this word mean to you?

To some it is helping out the poor and needy.
To some it is giving shelter to some strayed animal.
To some it is adopting the orphans.
To some it is giving donations.
To some its just a word with no meaning because they are too selfish enough.
To some its just a means of showoff to tell the world how rich they are.
To some it doesn't exist anymore in this new world.
To some it is what they spend there entire life on.
To some its just a way of making someone happy.
To some its a way of restoring someones belief.

So everybody has their own version of Humanity.

Here is my version :

Humanity to me starts at home.Yes. And i will give all my credit to my
mumma for teaching me its basic meaning right from when i was a kid.
My mom always says " Thodi insaniyat hamesha rakhna chahe samne apke jo bhi insan ho."
This is what had stuck in my mind since always. And the lesson started when even having so many housemaids at home from the time i was a small kid i was never allowed to give
my plate after eating or a small glass of milk after having it. I had to return it
for washing to basin myself. If i threw any tantrums ki mumma chalta hai then she used to
say " Wo bhi insan hai.. pure din kam karte hai.. If you will do some then thodi
help hi hoegi unko." and i still thank her for it.

Yes she used to tell me if someone is sick help all you can for example
suppose i am sick someday and with all the work pending at home how about just
handing a glass of water or applying a balm when i have headache. Yes that is humanity.

When your dad comes home how about running to take his office bag and serving him tea
or a glass of water. Yes that is humanity.

When you younger sibling is having some trouble
in studies how about sitting by his/her side and helping them out. Yes that is humanity.

Filling up your pets bowl with Water timely. Yes thats humanity.

Humanity outside home is when you can help in solving out your friends problem. If you don't have a solution how about just sitting by and listening to their problem. Yes thats humanity.

When as a small child you used get the best flowers
from the garden for your teacher to see her smile. Yes thats humanity.

When someone you love  isn't a part of your life anymore but still you do wish the best for them. Yes thats Humanity.

When you say sorry and a simple thank you even if you are not at mistake or may be you are. Yes thats Humanity.

When you don't throw empty Wafers or chocolate wrapper outside the car on the road. Yes thats Humanity.

When You don't judge them till you know them Personally enough. Yes thats Humanity for me.

So you see Humanity for me is some simple and basic steps.When you can do this then obviously the bigger aspect is more clear and easy for you. Being Human is real simple if you try even the smaller steps.

Making someone SMILE be it just you , an unknown reader or maybe someone known. Yes thats Humanity.

(So Are YOU human enough?? :) Best wishes for you my reader. Always Keep Smiling :) )


  1. :) I see your mother in you. You are a human, for sure... Humanitarianism must be the only religion to make things work.. Lovely post.... Keep smiling, and spreading sunshine.. :)

    1. Thank you so much.. I shall try my best :)

  2. great Post himani... These r the same things that my mum taught me and i too try to follow them... Keep the thoughts flowing... You're definitely a very positive person.

  3. How aptly written and conveyed simply. Life lessons these are, loved it. I could see me in this post and somethings i would even like to share with the world as you did :) Keep Writing Himi :) God bless you

  4. Beautifully written on Humanity. Well done and really appreciate that you have your basics very very clear. Actually our first school is our home and our first lovely charming teacher is our Mom. What she teach and how she teach is most imp? Stay Blessed Himani :) Glad to read your blog..

    1. Thank you so much junaid.. Glad you liked it :) stay smiling :)

  5. That's really nice...:) I do follow some and glad to know you also do. Life is all about these small gestures, isn't it...Loved the blog...:)

    Hey, don't mind, but please remove the word verification thing.

    1. Thank you :) These small gestures make world a better place to live in :)
      and yes on to removing that verification thing.

  6. A well thought and written article and not to mention an Important one !! :)

    One can only give to others, if one has enough. For example, if one is hungry, they might not be able to share the little food with someone else who also might be hungry.

    So I really wish, in this world may everyone have the ability to "give" :)