Thursday, 27 September 2012


He was Special. A unique kid but avoided by many. The reason being he was not so bright like them all.
He didn't have a mind developed like them all.
He had feelings and very strong ones at that but most of the time being ignored they built up into a rage.
Mom loved him and told him that he was just so special.

One day he asked his mom " Mom, Why does bhaiya has so many friends and i have none? Why does teachers always praise bhaiya but never me. Everybody has problems with me".
He cried and raised a fit. Mom hugged him and said " I am there na beta, Why would you need someone else? Come on lets complete your homework." But he knew mom was avoiding the question as always. He cried all night that day. Why don't people understand him he asked God , Just why? Am i not a human? His questions even God didn't have answers to. Cried himself to sleep like many other nights.
His loneliness was something only he could feel and it killed him inside.

His brother was a very bright student. Extraordinarily intelligent. Just this year his brother had been selected for the most  prestigious college of the country. Parents had hosted a huge celebration party.
Everyone cheered for him but they all had only one question how will younger brother make his life? He had been struggling in class 9th from 3 years in a row.The principal won't promote him because his grades were very low and he just din't have any chances of passing in the board exams.

But there was one person who had hope in him. One person who believed that yes he could do anything
and achieve it all like any other normal child. His mom.
She tried hard and struggled each day that his son won't feel ignored. She went ahead and tried to make other children his friends. Parents invited everyone for his birthday party each year so that he gets the happiness he deserves.She knew that his elder brother always tried to ignore him because
of the awkward questions and glares he faced everywhere because of him.
She tried to make him understand that his brother was special and instead of ignoring
he should be his strong support. But somehow there was always this gap between them.

And slowly time passed by. Mom tried her best always to work on his grades.Giving him hope and praising him constantly. And then finally this year he was promoted to 10th for boards and today was the day his results were being going to be declared. Since morning she had been praying for his son's success. The nervousness could also be felt on father's face. He took a leave from office that day. He had always wanted and worked for the best for his sons.And today he was there to support his son for no matter what.

The phone rang. Mom picked up eagerly and with sweaty shaking hands .
From the other side it was the principal of the school saying " Congratulations your son has done it. He has
passed the 10th board exams." There was a long sigh of relief and tears of joy flowed by.
Finally her hard work and patience had paid off.
Father went ahead and hugged him and said see son we are so proud of you today. Finally you have made everyone realize that nothing is impossible in this world. His parents hosted a huge party for the celebration of his success.
The party was on and just then The door bell rang and there was his brother with a box of his favorite
chocolates for him " Congratulations bhai, and i am so sorry." They hugged and cried.

A smile spread on the family's faces. Everyone came congratulating him.
Finally his prayers had paid off and he was feeling so accepted. Finally he felt as if God has answered his every question.

(P.S. A story attempted by me to say that no matter how hard or worse the situation is.. No matter how lonely you are You can always do it. Be positive and have hope. If he can do it then Yes You can too. Keep smiling Readers .. Best wishes to you :) )


  1. Wonderful Story ~ Faith, Dedication.... And a Mothers Love as well.. :) Thanks for giving me a chance to read you... keep it up .. Stay Blessed.

    1. Thank you :) Glad you liked it.. Stay smiling Junaid :)

  2. You most welcome :) You too keep smiling :)

  3. Story with a msg to be optimist, nothing is impossible.
    Nice one :)

  4. Good story on motivation,faith,trust & Mother love.happy to read it.

    1. Thank you so much mohit :) Stay smiling :)

  5. Literal tears near that phone rang paragraph. Nicely framed :)

  6. Amazing, Be positive!

    Cheers and happy blogging!

  7. कहानी लिखने की कोशिश आपने की है। जबकि ये कहानी न होकर एक कड़वी हकीकत है। हम अक्सर इस तरह के बच्चों को उपेक्षित करते हैं। पर मां तो मां होती है..वो तो अपने जिगर के टुकड़े को दुनिया में अकेले कैसे छोड़ सकती है. मां हर बार कमजोर बच्चे की तरफ होती है। पर ये भी है कि समाज को काफी कुछ खुद शिक्षित होना होगा।

    1. Haan.. Apne sahi kaha.. The society has to learn to accept such people amongst themselves.. They are just like us and deserve the bes too.

  8. yes, no matter how adverse things are if one is committed enough to achieve what he/she wants then certainly they are going to be positive n have some patience....!!

    Looking forward to read more here...:)

    1. Ys exactly :) thank you :) Will try my best to come up with good posts in future too :)

  9. This kind of reminded me of Taare Zammen Par movie...:) You know what's the best part about this need only one person (in this case it was his mom) to be with you and you can achieve the impossible. I guess that's the difference between success and failure...loved the post...:)

    1. Thank you :) Now that you pointed out yes it does feel like TZP but just a little different version.. :) And yes to be successful a support is for sure needed :)