Monday, 24 September 2012

A summer vacation.

Sitting in the open area..
Eyes all wide with wonder ..
She had so many new thoughts to ponder..
Her grandfather was narrating to her..
His experience of life with stories such wonder...
A lesson he taught in each..
So that she grows up with humanity at ease..

Grandmother was singing along in the kitchen..
Making her the favorite dish she had just mentioned..
The  sun  was getting ready to go..
A beautiful sky all reddish and yellow..
Peace was what spread in the air..
Mother was busy doing her daily prayer..

Cousins were busy playing around..
Running and catching the others around the merry go round..
Aunt was making mango juice for them..
Love was what all had in them..
The door opened and everybody looked upon..
Dad and uncle had brought toffees with them to chew on..
She got up and went running to them..
Leaving the story half between..

Grandfather smiled looking at all the anxiety..
His house was filled with so much of love and happiness..
Praying to god to always keep them blessed..
It was a summer holiday she could never forget..

Grown up she was now..
Lost in memories she was now..
A tear rolled down..
She missed her grandparents from heart deep down..
Gone they were.. But beautiful lesson taught they had ..
She smiled at the memories..
She knew from somewhere unknown..
They were looking upon her.. :)

(P.S. I dedicate this poem to my grandparents who were my strength and whom i miss my each moment of life.. best wishes for you reader.. Stay smiling :) )


  1. Marvelous. Excellent your words/thoughts in shape of poetry. Stay blessed.

  2. Nicely woven a little story into poem!

    Happy blogging!!

  3. You welcome :)Keep it up with your meaningful, heart touching poetry.

  4. Merriment ! Sheers bliss! Those timeless memories , shall never fail us :)

    1. True true.. The best memories of all.. Thank you :)

  5. Very nice + Grand Parents are one of the most important part of everyone's Life, they define selfless love + Beautifully conveyed :) Keep up FR

    1. Thanks a lot Ashwin :) will try my best.. Stay smiling :)