Saturday, 22 September 2012

A picture perfect moment.

Walking around the terrace..
With some songs playing along..
She could hear a flight passing by..
Somewhere far above the sky..
The weather was beautiful..
Some clouds she could see above..
A soft soothing breeze blowing by..

Suddenly the lights went off..
Engulfed in darkness ..
She could see nothing around..
As the eyes got accustomed to the darkness..
Instead of dark nothingness..
She noticed the world in the whole new light..
The moon half hidden..
Was shining brightly  up above..
The surrounding was lit up in a beautiful light..

And when a bat passed by..
She got scared and backed up a little..
That was when she noticed..
Something glow beautifully..
Glowing yellowish green..
It was a beautiful Fire fly..
She looked here and there..
And noticed a dozens of them glowing every where..
That was when she started listening ..
To the beauties of silent night..
Insects making different voices..
Trees forming different shapes..
Water flowing from the tap somewhere..
A girl singing somewhere far away..
People walking on the road talking away..

This was a beautiful world indeed..
Blessed she was to experience it..
Feeling the nature around..
She stood by the terrace..
Her pet came and sat by..
The moon light shown on her face..
A beautiful smile passed by..

It was a picture perfect moment ~

 (P.S. Observe the nature around you reader.. Its way too beautiful.. Best wishes to you.. Stay Smiling :) )


  1. Beautiful narration, wonderful imagination :)
    <3 <3

    Happy blogging :)

    P.S: Din't like "suddenly" repeated twice :)

    1. Thank you so much sneha for the honest comment.
      I have corrected the 'suddenly' Wasn't feeling right to me as well.
      Stay smiling :)

  2. Oh! This reminds me of 'August Rush'. There's rhythm around us. We just miss the obvious. Excellently scribbled. Keep it up. :)

  3. Its simply lovely himani..... reminds me of my terrace and the times I spend there... one of the most picturesque poems i've read till date.... lovely sweetheart.... keep the words flowing....

    1. Thanx a lot Aditi.. :) Hugs.. Stay smiling and happy.. :)

  4. Yours and my thoughts kind of matches...:) I also love nature and have mentioned about it in some of my blogs. We do have a lot to learn from nature, the way they change, its simplicity....its just magical sometimes...Loved the use of words, amazing way of narration and ending it with a positive note...:) I do say again, your words do mirror my thoughts...Happy Blogging...God Bless...:)

    1. Glad to know that there are people who think like me :) :) Makes my day.. Thank you :)