Monday, 24 September 2012

Nobody knows - A guest post.

Nobody knows its empty
This smile that I wear,
The real one is left in the past
Because you left me there.
Nobody knows I'm crying
They won't even see my tears,
When they think that I'm laughing
I'm still wishing you were here.
Nobody knows its painful
They think that I'm strong,
They say that this won't kill me
But I wonder if they were wrong.
Nobody knows I'm praying
That you will change my mind,
They think that I had let you go
When you left me behind.
Nobody knows I miss you
They think I feel set free,
But I feel like I am bound with chains
Trapped in the mystery.
Nobody knows I need you
They say I can do it on my own,
But they don't know I'm crying
When I am all alone.
Dikshita Choudhary

(P.S. This is a guest post by Dikshita on her special request. Best wishes.. Stay Smiling :) )