Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spread A smile - 2 ( Determination)

Life is not short of problems. Let's start with this on a note that we all know and have experienced it very well that we all have to face certain situations which may or may not be favorable but we have to go through them and they impact our Life like anything in the long run. One of them is relationships. Now talking about relationship i want you to take it as a broader perspective. It's not just about that one special person but i am talking about any relationship which makes you happy. Like with your parents, your friends, your cousins, your siblings, your stranger friends in the trains, your colleagues and many more. The point i want to convey is that any relationship's life is decided by the faith and dedication to keep it alive. The end of the relationship doesn't always depend on both or individual but sometimes it happens haywire. The thing is according to my personal experience i want to share that when the point of giving up comes, literally if bearing all the mess, the pain, the saturation if we just hold on for a bit of time how things can change and for good is just magical. I have recently experienced this and on that basis i am sharing this so that whoever reads this and feels that any special relation of your Life you are may be about to lose or has lost its normal charm you have to realize that might be the other person would not be responding to you now but in the long run they were with you and will be only if you decide to make them realize that you, they and your relationship matter a lot. So today decide and be firm that rather than focusing on giving up and moving on to newer relationships, we will give one more try to the beautiful ones which need us more at this time. But yes with a smile and peace.




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