Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spread A Smile - 2 ( Small Joys)

He was out for a NGO work, wherein he was supposed to sell kid toys to the more affluent class of section and in turn the NGO would get the returns to work for the betterment of lesser fortunate souls. Marine Drive, he chose. On his marketing campaign, he came across a kid named, ‘Bunty’ (learnt his name later), who would sell beautiful roses to couples and earn his living. When he was demonstrating some of the toys to folks around, Bunty stood there busy playing with the house-maker toy kept for display. He twisted and untwisted and twisted it again to form his dream house out of the toy. Te guy watching could not help but ask Bunty about his whereabouts. Knowing what, he happily gifted Bunty with the toy. Needless to say, the kid was elated and super excited to receive something he liked, something he could not afford so recklessly. Bunty didn’t know what to say or act, he just offered him a ROSE. What a gesture! He was awestruck and happily accepted it. Both smiled and left, bidding adieu.

Small joys!  What goes around comes back around, for sure.  Spread smile and you shall never be disappointed. For this life is too short for hatred. 

- Shailesh Thorat

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