Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spread A Smile -2 (Smile Your Way To Life...:):) )

I know only one way to live and that is to live positively. I have no time for negative thoughts or feelings. I love to make people smile in whatever way I can and would feel honored if I can contribute in spreading the smile. I would like to thank my blogger friend, Himani for giving me this opportunity to write about Smile, which I loved it. This post would not be possible if not for the blog post written by her ( I really loved her blog because it speaks of being positive and spreading the smile so that the world can be a better place to live. This is my first guest post and have just shared my random thoughts about Smile, hope you like it. Do check out her Smile blog (, it's simple and to the point...:)

Smile, there is something special about it. Smile shows your attitude. If there is anything that catches a person's attention, it would be his or her Smile. Of all the living things on this earth only we humans can smile, isn't that amazing. It's a beautiful gift given by god. We should be thankful to him...:)

Sometimes we need a reason to smile and sometimes we don't. But if you go in search of a reason to smile then you will never find one because it is not meant to be so. Smile can make even the heaviest of hearts to melt. Smile is raw and a true smile never fakes. Just imagine a world without smile, its impossible. Even if you don't make someone else smile, its ok, but do smile for yourself...:)

Love your smile, its worth it. Smile can withstand the pain, remove the hatred and can make your life beautiful. Life is not beautiful without smile. It can create happiness, change your perception about life and helps you to deal with situations in a better manner. It's one of the priceless things on earth that is available for free, so do make the best use of it...:)

Never look for a reason to smile. Beauty is incomplete without a smile. If you can smile at your own stupidity, at your own foolishness then none can hurt you. A cute smile can mend a broken soul. If smile was a person, this would be the thoughts which it would have communicated with us:

I am here to help you
When you feel sad or lonely,
Just embrace me
When your soul needs me,
I am just an expression away
Just call me when you need
I can understand your silence,
The silence that fills you,
When none to hear you
I live within you always,
You just need to call me
I Live with you and Die with you,

I don't know what Darkness is,

Because I am born to bring light into everyones' Life.
"The best moment is when a Smiling Heart reaches a Lonely Soul and sets it free for not feel lonely again."
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  1. Hey!
    Love the positivity and attitude :)
    Lets spread smiles together..
    Good one Prashanth
    Happy blogging :)

    1. Thank you Sneha, appreciate it...:) Thanks to Himani...:)

  2. Beautiful
    Keep smiling

  3. Smiling has tons of cool evolutionary explanations attached to it. As your post presents it, smile has a very deep meaning associated with it.

    1. Yes, its a beautiful gift given by god...:)

  4. Thank you Himani for posting my post, I felt good writing about it...:) Keep Smiling, God bless...:)